Welcome to the Hessenauer Blog

Welcome to the Hessenauer Blog

New Home Irrigation Problem Solved

A new home irrigation problem solved recently required reconfiguration for a new property in Winter Springs, Florida zip 32808. The home was built and problems became apparent shortly after the irrigation system was installed and the landscaping completed. The...

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Residential Irrigation System Redesign

This residential irrigation system redesign was for a new home with poor coverage due to zones that had mixed sprays and rotors. The coverage of this home in Winter Springs, FL Zip 32708, was inadequate and left dryer areas in places. Others were saturated. Sprays...

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Dual Sump Pump System Installation

To solve garage flooding this dual sump pump system installation was completed for a residential customer in Longwood FL 32779. During heavy Florida rains the existing sump pump could not handle the downpour and flooding of the large garage paved parking area. As a...

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Lake Water Irrigation Savings

The project goal of a Longwood Florida homeowner was lake water irrigation savings after paying huge irrigation system water bills. Our solution was a centrifugal irrigation pump to pull water from the lake behind his house instead of paying monthly for city water....

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Residential Irrigation Valve Repair

A residential irrigation valve repair for a residential property owner in Maitland, Florida, turned into a 5 valve replacement project. All the valves were previously installed close coupled, so they were virtually touching each other. A mainline crack became a huge...

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Shallow Well Irrigation System

A recent shallow well irrigation system was installed in Lake Mary, Florida, for a residential customer who did not want to use city water. Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair & Irrigation are well known and respected in Central Florida for irrigation system design and...

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Serious Irrigation System Emergency

A recent example of a serious irrigation system emergency was an irrigation valve stuck wide open that we resolved for a customer. Irrigation valves can fail either stuck closed so they do not operate, or fail in a fully open postion and a zone runs continuously. The...

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Irrigation System Checkup

An irrigation system checkup analyzed by a licensed irrigation contractor could resolve any concerns about the current coverage. This picture shows an addition spray has been installed into a main lateral pipe of the zone using a slip fix type expanding coupler. Our...

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