Welcome to the Hessenauer Blog

Welcome to the Hessenauer Blog

Serious Irrigation System Emergency

A recent example of a serious irrigation system emergency was an irrigation valve stuck wide open that we resolved for a customer. Irrigation valves can fail either stuck closed so they do not operate, or fail in a fully open postion and a zone runs continuously. The...

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Irrigation System Checkup

An irrigation system checkup analyzed by a licensed irrigation contractor could resolve any concerns about the current coverage. This picture shows an addition spray has been installed into a main lateral pipe of the zone using a slip fix type expanding coupler. Our...

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Lake Pump Intake Filter Project

A recent lake pump intake filter project for a customer in Winter Park, Florida, solved an irrigation system pressure problem. This residential customer reported low operating pressure across all zones of their irrigation system that we quickly confirmed. Water for...

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Irrigation System Upgrade

A recent irrigation system upgrade in Sanford, Florida, is illustrated here with a before and after photograph to show details. The residential customer's system was originally set up using a cyclermatic valve that was beyond repair, and needed an upgrade. If you have...

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Pool Area Sprinklers Project

This Lake Mary, Florida, pool area sprinklers project was a sprinkler system rebuild for a homeowner installing a new swimming pool. The photo above shows the finished sprinkler system rebuild we started prior to pool excavation to protect the existing irrigation. To...

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Irrigation System Lightning Strike

The damage from a devastating irrigation system lightning strike in Florida can be significant as shown in the photograph below. This Rain Bird ESP modular irrigation controller was completely destroyed by a lightning strike. The power surge can reach the controller...

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Clogged French Drain Problem

Expertise in irrigation systems was used to solve a clogged french drain problem for a residential property in Sanford, Florida. A sump pump was also part of the system as the french drain was installed close to this house which was lower than street level. When...

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Irrigation Valves Replaced

Another residential project was recently completed when 3 irrigation valves were replaced for a homeowner in Longwood, Florida. The valves were old and two had failed, so it was decided to replace all 3 whilst they were dug up to avoid a 1 valve job later. The Rain...

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