The first day of summer isn’t even here yet, but Central Florida is already heating up! Your irrigation system is the key to keeping your grass green and your plants perky, so it’s important to know what can go wrong with your sprinklers before the sun is at its most brutal.

Irrigation issues can be truly irritating!

No matter how hard we try to do everything right, problems will arise. Here are a few of the most common sprinkler complications to be on the lookout for:

The system is programmed properly, but no water is coming out. When this occurs, a process of elimination is the best course of action because the main issue could be one (or a combination) of the following situations: there’s a leak in the piping, debris from a broken line is clogging one or more of the pipes, too many sprinkler heads are leaking, roots are growing into the sprinkler head’s nozzle, roots have twisted around a pipe and squeezing it shut, or water running inside the house is hogging the water pressure the irrigation system needs to operate.   

Leaks are an ugly problem. Leaks in your irrigation system must be identified and repaired immediately. Not only will your water bill increase, but the saturated ground will cause your grass and plants to die from root rot or fungal growth. When a sprinkler head is leaking, puddling can occur aboveground, which is easy to spot. However, when a pipe is leaking underground, they’re called “hidden leaks” because you can’t see them, so puddling isn’t obvious. If you notice one or more spots of your lawn turning yellow or brown, inspect the area to find out if the ground is wet and squishy. If you suspect a leak, get it fixed right away to avoid having to replace patches of lawn and precious plants.

When one sprinkler isn’t cooperating… this may actually be a good thing because it means the problem is isolated. When a single sprinkler head isn’t releasing water or it’s spraying wildly, it’s probably broken, and the rest of the system is perfectly fine. There are several things that can damage sprinkler heads including severe weather but be extra careful when mowing and walking across your lawn because these are the most common reasons sprinkler heads get broken.

At ease, soldiers! When retractable sprinkler heads aren’t sinking back into the ground after the watering cycle is complete, it’s most likely because debris such as mulch has become lodged around the sprinkler head. To fix this problem, carefully remove any obstructions you find. However, if it still won’t retract, it’s time to call a professional.  

If your sprinkler heads aren’t operating like they should, call us or complete our request service form and we’ll happily take a look.

When your irrigation system is in tip top shape, so is your landscape!

An irrigation system is an investment that needs to be properly maintained, which is no different from your lawn and garden. In the middle of a Florida summer, rain evaporates almost as fast as it falls, so it’s important to water your grass and plants in the early morning to keep them hydrated throughout the day. If your irrigation system isn’t working like it should, get it repaired quickly or your gorgeous landscape could be at risk.

Remember, if you ever need assistance with sprinkler repair or irrigation in the Orlando area, give us a call!