irrigation system reconfiguration
These photos are from recently completed project where the existing irrigation system had only two rotors. Review this Orlando area irrigation system coverage solution which saved our customer time and money.

This sprinkler system reconfiguration offers limited overspray and head-to-head coverage. With one sprinkler head rotor in each corner, water coverage was poor. The homeowner had to drag a hose around his yard in order to compensate for dry patches in the lawn. Being the existing irrigation system had no controller, the homeowner had to manually activate the system by opening and closing the backflow.

We removed the existing rotor sprinkler heads and installed 21 Rain Bird 1806 sprayers with Hunter MP Rotator Nozzles to provide head-to-head coverage with a matched precipitation rate for even distribution.

The new irrigation zone was configured to cover separate turf areas only, we did not waste any water spraying into the driveway or sidewalks. This entire front yard was covered using only one irrigation zone, and a Hunter SRV 1″ Irrigation Valve was used to control flow to the zone. The battery timer was used to schedule operation of the valve. The battery timer allowed us to reduce the cost of the installation, so even with a tight budget, the homeowner was very satisfied.

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