drake irrigation system installationThis Orlando Florida irrigation system installation series of photos show a recent irrigation system installation for a homeowner in Orlando, Florida. Instead of having to drag a water hose around the lawn for hours, this homeowner can sit back and relax while this newly installed irrigation system handles the watering of the lawn.

This project is a new irrigation system installation for a home that didn’t have one previously. We begin by planning a layout for maximum performance with the least amount of equipment to minimize the overall cost of the system and water usage. The system was configured and installed to ensure that the yard received head to head coverage with a matched precipitation rate to ensure even distribution.

For this irrigation project we installed:

-Rain Bird 1806 Sprays
-Rain Bird Undercut Nozzles
-Rain Bird DV100SS Irrigation Control Valves
-Rain Bird ESP Controller
-WR2 Wireless Technology Rain Sensor
-Watts 800 1″ Pressure Vacuum Breaker Backflow Assembly

The Rain Bird ESP controller takes care of all scheduling. The Rain Bird WR2 rain sensor will shut the system off in times of sufficient rain which should equate to savings of around 25-30% saving on the water bill for the homeowner. The end result is a high quality yet affordable system that automates lawn irrigation for this Orlando homeowner.

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