irrigation system components
Irrigation sprinkler systems are comprised of various plumbing parts, piping and control equipment. Some of the main parts for an irrigation system include irrigation valves, controllers, rain sensors, pumps, pipelines, spray nozzles and rotors. Review this post about irrigation system components simplified.

Piping is connected to a water source through plumbing fittings and a control system opens and closes valves to provide water on a schedule. The amount of control the equipment can provide allows for fully automated systems which can compensate for rain, runoff and evaporation, while others require much more attention for the same effectiveness.

Valves regulate and control the flow of fluids from higher pressure to lower pressure areas by opening and closing. Technically, valves are pipe fittings, but are generally discussed in a category of its own.

Irrigation controllers are devices that operate automatic drip irrigation and lawn sprinkler systems. These irrigation controllers set the start time, frequency of irrigation and watering duration. Advanced features include customized frequencies for different plants, rain delay settings and input terminals for soil, moisture, remote operation, weather data and freeze and rain sensors.

Rain sensors are a switching device which is designed to shut off irrigation systems in rainfall, and allow sprinklers to disperse water when rain is absent. Rain sensors generally come in wireless and hard-wired versions in a few different varieties.

Irrigation pumps are the heart of most irrigation systems. For an efficient irrigation system, the water pump must match the requirements of the water source, the water piping system and the irrigation equipment.

The irrigation pipelines are like the circulatory system of the irrigation system. These control where the water is brought to and are placed underground in irrigation ditches. Most irrigation pipelines consist of PVC pipe.

Irrigation spray nozzles are designed to control the direction and amount of water flow in an irrigation system, especially to increase velocity while exiting the ends of the pipe.

Rotors are higher pressure rotating sprinklers which prove to be very dependable. The rotors we incorporate into our projects here in Orlando, Florida provide the highest quality available.

There are many more components to an irrigation system, and getting familiar with the parts gives homeowners a better understanding of what these projects can require. If you have a residential or commercial irrigation system installation, repair or refurbishment project in Orlando, Central Florida and surrounding communities, call Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair and Irrigation at 407-302-2227 for an estimate today!