irrigation system installationPrior to this irrigation system installation, the family from this recent project were hand-watering the lawn because they did not have an irrigation system. Brown patches made it apparent that watering the lawn by hand was not working very well.

We installed a new system using all Rain Bird irrigation products. This new irrigation system allows automatic scheduling for watering times and therefore cuts this customer’s personal involvement time significantly. The irrigation system includes:

  • Rain Bird ESP modular controller
  • Rain Bird WR2 wireless rain sensor
  • Rain Bird 1806 sprays
  • Rain Bird undercut nozzles
  • Rain Bird 5006 rotors
  • Rain Bird DV100SS valves
  • Watts pressure vacuum breaker type backflow
  • The new irrigation system provides head to head coverage with a matched precipitation rate to provide uniform water distribution. This allows proper water coverage for this lawn and eliminates a problem with brown patches.

    You can really see a difference with the before and after photos for this project, and we can give you fantastic results today too! Contact us at 407-302-2227 for an estimate on commercial and residential irrigation or drainage systems in Central Florida or Orlando areas.