Winterizing irrigation sprinkler systems in Orlando isn’t necessary. If you have an irrigation sprinkler system within the Orlando & Central Florida area at either your home or business you will need to use it all year round.

Irrigation System Winterization

Irrigation Sprinkler Winterization

You can turn your zone run times down. Nothing will be growing during the winter & the ground doesn’t dry out like it does during hot dry periods. Just keep the soil moist.

If it looks like it’s going to freeze shut off & drain your backflow. Cover it with a blanket. If you have a pump, make sure it gets covered to protect it from a freeze.

The first time you use you irrigation sprinkler system after a freeze you need to check for leaks. A cold snap may freeze a shallow pipe.

Most importantly to help watering schedules during any period is to ensure you maintain an operating rain sensor.

If you have any further questions regarding winterizing irrigation sprinkler systems in Orlando or the Central Florida area at either your home or business you can call us at 407-402-2306 for a quick reply.