You have finally decided to create your own backyard oasis. You can hardly wait to have a refreshing escape from the grueling Florida heat!

You have chosen your dream pool and can picture it your backyard, but… not so fast!

First, you need to take the proper precautions to ensure your irrigation system is not damaged during the pool’s installation.

Involve an irrigation expert!    

Most pool installers know next to nothing about irrigation systems, and that is fine because their specialty is to make sure your pool is successfully installed. It is your responsibility to make sure your irrigation system is left unscathed during the creation of your watery retreat.

The best way to avoid chaos and costly repairs is to speak with your irrigation specialist as soon as you know the date of the pool installation. This is time to discuss all the details such as where the pool will be located. Be sure to have your pool plans handy, so you can answer all their questions quickly and easily.  

What exactly will the irrigation specialist do?

Find and flag all the irrigation components. There are several parts of the irrigation system that could become damaged during the excavation process, so locating and marking them all is necessary.

Cap the irrigation lines. Capping the lines prevents leaks and allows for the lines to be dislocated and relocated if they are too close to the excavation site. However, capping the lines needs to be handled by a professional because if it is not done properly, you may be inviting disaster.    

Create plans to reroute irrigation lines. A swimming pool is going to take up a good portion of your yard, which can lead to some complications with your irrigation lines. It is quite possible that the lines need to be relocated because they span across the area of excavation. Plus, the lines may have to be rerouted to reach parts of your landscape once the pool is in place. For instance, while it may be a unique water feature to have the sprinkler spraying over your pool to reach plants in the corner of your yard, it is not realistic.

Save money by avoiding costly mistakes.

When you have an irrigation system and want to install a swimming pool, be smart and call an irrigation expert. While doing this may cause you to shell out some extra money, it will save you the headache of paying for costly repairs if the system is damaged during the pool’s installation.   

When you step back and examine the larger picture, yes, a pool is a huge investment, but so is the irrigation system that has been keeping your yard and landscape in tip top shape.

Remember, if you ever need assistance with sprinkler repair or irrigation in the Orlando area, give us a ring! We are always happy to answer your questions and do everything possible to give you peace of mind.