Orlando’s long summers and mild winters allow residents to enjoy gorgeous flowers in their landscape for months on end.

Drought tolerant plants are a common choice for Orlando flower beds because they can handle intense heat and rapid evaporation. However, it’s easy to kill these dry soil lovers with kindness when you have an irrigation system. Between summer storms and your early morning irrigation schedule, it helps to plant flowers that do best when their feet are wet.

Regular irrigation makes these plants burst with blooms!

If you want your landscape filled with flowering plants that aren’t irritated by irrigation, add the following varieties to your yard to watch it come alive with every color of the rainbow.

Bolivian Sunset Gloxinia

If you’re looking for eye candy, this striking beauty refuses to be ignored.

Bolivian Sunset Gloxinia has tubular orange blossoms and glossy dark green leaves. It grows in clumps that can reach 24 inches tall. During late autumn and winter, it brightens up shady areas by putting on a show with its fiery exquisiteness. If you prefer to grow Gloxinia in full sun, be sure to keep its soil moist with regular irrigation and apply a thick layer of mulch.

When this lovely plant is kept watered, it will spread wider with each passing year without becoming invasive.

Canna Lily

Plant this show-stopper to attract butterflies!

When Canna lilies bloom, they are the jewels of every landscape. They are fast growers that can become 6 feet tall. Their flower colors range from vivacious reds, oranges, and yellows to delicate pinks and whites.

These prolific bloomers love direct sunlight and need lots of water, so be sure to keep your irrigation system properly maintained. It’s always a good idea to check your irrigation system every so often to make sure it’s working correctly.

If you’re not sure your system is running like it should, call us or complete our request service form and we’ll be happy to take a look, so your plants stay healthy.


When you see this daisy-like annual blooming in your yard, you’ll understand why it’s Florida’s official state flower.

Coreopsis is a butterfly magnet that beckons to them with bold shades of yellow, gold, orange, red, and pink. Some even produce double blooms! This amazing plant comes in several varieties that flower at different times, so plant a few types in your landscape to enjoy their beauty throughout the year.

Coreopsis can handle both full sun and part shade. They require well-draining soil and need plenty of water. They’re somewhat drought tolerant once they’re established, but it helps to give them a drink a couple times a week.

Evolvulus aka Blue Daze

This attractive groundcover has stunning flowers that can chase away anyone’s blues.

Evolvulus, or Blue Daze, produces a true-blue flower that is rare in the gardening world. This gorgeous perennial is perfect for the borders of garden beds and in containers where it can imitate a waterfall as it flows over the edges. Be sure to enjoy its flowers in the morning hours because they fold up by noon.

This prolific bloomer grows well in both full sun and part shade and gets just 6 inches tall. Keep Evolvulus watered well until it’s established, then irrigate it once or twice a week depending on the heat. If your irrigation system is on the fritz, don’t worry. If Blue Daze starts to wilt, it will spring back to life once its roots meet water.

Gerbera aka Gerber Daisy

Gerberas add bold eye-catching colors to every garden bed. They’re perfect for bouquets, too!

Beloved by pollinators, Gerber daisies are a must-have for every Orlando homeowner’s landscape. They stand about knee high with foliage that forms dense, dark green mounds. During the spring and summer, they bloom their little buds off in full sun or partial shade so long as their roots moist. In Orlando, they behave as perennials, so you can enjoy them year after year without replanting.

In addition to keeping Gerberas properly irrigated, be sure to fertilize them regularly.


This gorgeous perennial will be a true conversation piece when added to shady spots in your landscape.

Heuchera is a favorite among Central Florida gardeners. Standing just 12 inches tall and 12 to 18 inches wide, this moisture loving perennial comes in several varieties that bloom in a range of colors. Its thick, mounding foliage can also be found in different hues.

“Bressingham Hybrids’ and ‘Melting Fire’ grow best in Orlando.


If you want a plant that blooms non-stop and attracts hummingbirds and butterflies, look no further!

Pentas are practically maintenance free and grow like a dream in Central Florida gardens. There are several varieties available that come in a wide range of different colors and sizes. Enjoy their vibrant blooms in full sun or part shade. Be sure to keep them watered well until they’re established, then leave it to your irrigation system to give them a drink a couple times a week to keep them healthy, perky, and full of nectar.

Keep Your Orlando Garden Full of Blooms by Properly Irrigating    

Central Floridians with irrigation systems have the luxury of growing the most beautiful flowers that attract a plethora of pollinators!

While the above list is just a small sample of flowering plants that thrive with proper irrigation, there are several others that would look stunning in your Orlando landscape. When deciding what to plant, consider the beneficial insects and birds they’ll attract.

Before adding them to your landscape or container garden, plan how you want your landscaping to look. Take note of each plant’s light requirements, bloom color, and mature height.

When you start planting, taller varieties naturally belong in the rear of the beds and consider alternating plant varieties and colors. Once you’ve finished planting, add mulch and saturate the area by running your irrigation system. Soon, your yard will be bursting with vibrant flowers!  

Remember, if you ever need assistance with sprinkler repair or irrigation in the Orlando area, we’re here to help!