irrigation filter types
Irrigation systems need an irrigation filter in order to remove particles from water such as dirt and sand. Different irrigation system filters should be used depending upon the job. Each filter type has its own advantages and functions. Consider these irrigation system filter types to remove debris from your water system.

Screen filters would probably be the most common filter, and in most cases the least expensive. These are excellent for removing particles from the water, but not so good with organic materials such as algae, mold and so on. Screen filters should be occasionally cleaned by hand by removing and flushing them with water.

Media filters clean water by forcing it through a container filled with a small, sharp edged, “media”. In many cases the media material is something like uniform sized, crushed sand. Water can pass through the tiny spaces between media grains but debris is stopped when it can’t fit through the spaces. Media filters are considered best for removing organic material from water.

Disk filters are a cross between screen filters and media filters, with many of the advantages of both. Disk filters remove sand and organic matter very well. Disk filters consist of a stack of round disks with various sized small bumps. Each bump has a sharp point on the top like a tiny pyramid. The bumps cause these disks to have tiny spaces between them when stacked together, and the water is forced between the disks, removing particulates that can not fit through these gaps.

Centrifugal filters are mainly for removing particulates such as sand and dirt from the water. Since they do not clog up as quickly as other filter types, they are great for situations where a lot of debris is present. A spinning cylinder uses centrifugal force to move particles to the outer edges, and then fall to a holding tank at the bottom. Centrifugal irrigation filters are reasonably priced, simple and very effective.

Cartridge filters use a paper filter which works like a screen filter. Being the paper’s pores are so small, cartridge filters can remove organic matter and other smaller particles from the water supply. Some cartridges can be washed or replaced, depending on the filter’s condition.

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