rainbird wireless rain sensor
Rain sensors are devices that can detect rain and turn your irrigation system on and off accordingly. Consider these three types of rain sensors when investing in one for your home’s sprinkler system in Central Florida.

The first and earliest type of rain sensor, still in use today, has a water collecting basin cup which detects when rain fills it by the weight. Once the basin collects a predetermined amount of water, the weight of the water trips a switch that turns off the irrigation system.

A problem with this type of rain sensor is the basin could fill with things other than rain. Debris could fill the container and interrupt the watering cycle completely.

The second type of rain sensor to discuss is based upon the principle of conductivity. A pair of electrodes are positioned a small distance away from the bottom of a water basin. Once rain collects enough to touch both of them, the two electrodes complete a circuit which trips the turn off switch. This type of rain sensor is more accurate because the weight of debris and water doesn’t affect whether the switch is on or off.

The third type of rain sensor disgards the whole concept of using a catch basin. A hygroscopic disk made of a synthetic corky material expands when it gets wet and triggers a switch after a preset amount of rain has fallen.

When the disk dries out and returns to normal size, the system will resume scheduled cycles. The more rain that falls, the longer that system will be prevented from watering your lawn.

We like to use the Rain Bird wireless sensor shut off device for most irrigation projects. Remember to check your rain sensor batteries intermittently or your sprinklers may be stuck in the off position!

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