irrigation system refurbishmentMany residential sprinkler irrigation systems are installed with improper spacing or even low pressure which can cause problems with coverage. On this recent job we solved our customer’s problems by properly respacing the sprinkler heads to eliminate brown patches in the lawn.

This irrigation system was suffering from low pressure in the turf zone between the sidewalk and the curb, thus resulting in poor coverage and brown patches. Originally 13 sprayers were lined up along one side of the sidewalk which were incorrectly spaced with incorrect nozzles installed. The problem led to poor operating pressure, uneven distribution and excessive overspray onto the street. These heads were all respaced so there were only 11 along the sidewalk. We then installed an additional 11 along the curb to provide opposing coverage.

The existing zone was suffering with poor operating pressure and we almost doubled the amount of heads in the watering zone. The coverage and operating pressure were improved by using Hunter MP Rotator Nozzles. Using much less water than a regular spray nozzle, they have a much lower precipitation rate to apply the water more slowly. Being they use less water per minute we can install more heads per zone.

Due to respacing the heads to 15ft distance and providing opposing heads along the curb, this zone now has perfect head to head coverage. Now any single sprinkler head is able to hit as many adjacent heads as possible to provide even water ditribution. The overspray onto the street and sidewalk is now cut to a minimum so water use is now at its most efficient.

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