Orlando Irrigation Wareing Restrictions

Orlando Irrigation watering Restriction changes

Orlando irrigation sprinkler system watering restrictions & run days vary depending upon the time of year for your home or business within the Orlando & Central Florida area.

If you fall within the St. Johns River & South Florida water management districts you will be subject to Ordinance No. 2010-02 which was adopted on February 23 2010.

This ordinance restricts outdoor irrigation sprinkler systems to run one time per week during Eastern Standard Time which is from the first Sunday in Novenber to the second Sunday in March. The same outdoor irrigation sprinkler system may be run twice per week during Daylight Saving Time which is from the second Sunday in March until the first Sunday in November. These rules apply to all outdoor irrigation sprinkler systems regardless of weather the water is supplied by ground water, surface water, a private well or pump or from a public utility supply.

Homes that have an odd number may water on: Wednesday & Saturday

Homes that have an even number may water on: Thursday & Sunday

Property with no physical address, or commercial property may water on: Tuesday & Friday

Never water between 10.00AM & 4.00PM

Please call 407-302-2227 for more information regarding Orlando irrigation sprinkler system watering resrictions for your home or business within the Orlando & Central Florida area.