Lake pump installation for irrigation systems makes perfect economic sense for any irrigation sprinkler system in the Orlando or Central Florida area. If either your home or business is situated on a lake or body of water you can probably make use of this to supply your irrigation system.

The initial installation of the pump & equipment must of course be viewed as an investment, but once the lake pump for irrigation sprinkler systems is completed all you would have to pay for is the electricity to power the pump.

The most important thing is to ensure that the correct pump is selected to do the job. Normally it will be between 1 1/2 to 3 horsepower. You would need to considerer the difference in elevation between the lake level & the pump installation site. Also, determine the current water capacity supplied by your water meter. This capacity must be exceeded by the pump capacity whether installed at either your home or business.

A check valve is also required to prevent water draining out of the intake between run cycles to ensure that the pump always retains prime. The goose look float is configured so that the intake mesh filter is suspended 2 foot below the lake surface to prevent vortexing. Some legs have also been incorporated into the intake to ensure that the intake filter will not lay on the bottom if the lake level drops.

The discharge side of the pump will need a pressure relief valve to prevent pressure damage to the pump or discharge pipe in the event of a valve failure. It is a great idea to incorporate a second filter system to provide more fine filtration to prevent clogging of any nozzles. Always install a pressure gauge. This will give any indication of either a clogged intake or a failing valve before any problems actually occur.

If you are interested in saving money at either your home or business by undertaking a lake pump installation for irrigation systems within the Orlando & Central Florida areas we can be contacted for more information & a free quote by calling 407-302-2227 for a prompt reply.