Irrigation sprinkler system MP rotator nozzle retrofit is a great option for irrigation sprinkler zones that are suffering with low pressure & reduced water capacity. This particular retrofit was carried out as the system is supplied by an above ground centrifugal pump & shallow well. The well is now producing less water due to the draught conditions within the Orlando & Central Florida area. The Hunter MP rotator nozzles  use much less water than regular irrigation sprinkler system sprays & rotors. The Hunter MP rotator nozzles can cover a radius that varies from 8ft upto 30ft. There are 12 different Hunter MP rotator nozzles to cover varying radius, angles & strip patterns. The distance covered by a particular nozzle will depend upon operating pressure. Each individual nozzle can also be adjusted by upto 25% to cover a shorter radius.

Any irrigation sprinkler system for either a residential or commercial application within the Orlando & Central Florida areas can be modified to use Hunter MP Rotator nozzles. If you think your irrigation sprinkler system will benefit from this kind of reconfiguration please contact Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair & Irrigation.
Call 407-302-2227  for more information or to schedule an appointment for a retrofit quotation.