Irrigation Indexing Valve

Irrigation Indexing Valve For Sprinkler Systems

Irrigation indexing valve for sprinkler systems are a great alternative to individual irrigation solenoid valves on any irrigation system at you Orlando or Central Florida home or office.  Irrigation indexing valves for sprinkler systems can replace up to eight 1″ irrigation valves, six 1 1/4″  irrigation valves or 1 1/2″ irrigation valves. Hydro-Indexing valves, as they are technically known, work on water pressure alone. You will never have to worry about power surges or lightning strikes compromising your irrigation system or wastewater system. The hydro indexing valve for irrigation sprinkler systems are easy to install and even easier to use. An above ground indexing valve for sprinkler irrigation systems can control all zones, eliminating the need to dig into the ground to locate electric solenoid valve boxes.

The indexing valve works either manually or fully automatic with a controller to turn the water supply on and off (pump or solenoid). The indexing valve for sprinkler systems operate under most all water conditions. The irrigation indexing valve for sprinkler systems is preassembled with a sequencing cam which can be easily removed and replaced by a different cam if sections are added or eliminated. All irrigation indexing valves for sprinkler systems within the Orlando and Central Florida area are pressure tested before leaving the factory to work faultlessly on your irrigation sprinkler system at either your home or office.

If you already have an irrigation indexing valve installed on your sprinkler system that needs to be replaced, or would like an indexing valve installed you can call us on 407-302-2227

We have installed many irrigation indexing valves for sprinkler systems to replace existing automatic irrigation valves were the irrigation system has suffered from damage due to lightning strikes. If you suffer from the possibility of a lighting strike at either your home or office within the Central Florida or Orlando area.