anti siphon backflow preventer valvesThe first component in your irrigation system is the anti-siphon valve. To understand more about how your irrigation system works, review this post explaining anti-siphon valves and backflow prevention.

Water is brought to your property under pressure from a city main line. The water then encounters a cross-connection, with one water line to the home, and the other for irrigation.

Just after this connection, on the irrigation pipe, you’ll find the anti-siphon valve. An anti-siphon valve is a combination valve and atmospheric backflow preventer, which means it serves two functions.

The anti-siphon valve protects the home’s water supply by preventing water in the irrigation system line from back siphoning into your home, and this valve is also responsible for holding pressure for your home’s irrigation system.

Water is held under pressure behind each anti-siphon valve. When it receives an electronic signal from the irrigation controller, the valve opens, allowing water to pass through to the sprinklers.

Sometimes these valves need to be operated manually to check a sprinkler or if a power outage is experienced. Always trust a licensed professional to handle your irrigation system situations.

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