The weather is warming up again here in Central Florida and Orlando, and it is time to take your sprinkler and irrigation system into consideration. Consider some of these ideas to upgrade your sprinkler system during this season where irrigation is most important.

Our customers depend on our professionals at Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair and Irrigation to solve their sprinkler and irrigation problems. This time of year is exceptionally warm, and proper irrigation is important to keep your lawn healthy and green. There are a variety of problems that could urge you to have your irrigation system evaluated and possibly even repositioned.

Make note any dry patches in your lawn. This could be caused by improper spacing of your sprinkler rotors. To have an efficiently running irrigation system, sprinkler zones should offer proper water coverage throughout the entire lawn. Properly distributed sprinklers provide the type of head to head coverage required for a well maintained lawn.

If your zones overlap, you could have wet areas that is basically wasted water. Fixing this problem by spreading out irrigation zones could save you water, and in turn, money on the water bill.

Summer is a great time for the kids to jump through the sprinklers on those hot days. Perhaps it is a good time to have repairs done on those broken sprinkler heads that have been stepped on or ran over with the lawnmower.

As summer quickly approaches, be sure to consider having your sprinkler system evaluated for efficiency. Contact us at 407-302-2227 for an estimate today!