spaced sprinkler headsWelcome to the Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair and Irrigation blog and website. We like to inform our online readers about sprinkler irrigation here in Orlando and the Central Florida area. Today we would like to discuss a bit about incorrect sprinkler head spacing and the effect on the lawn and landscape.

Incorrect sprinkler head spacing can be detrimental to an otherwise health and flourishing lawn. Because nobody wants flooding or brown patches in our lawns, homeowners should focus on the importance of proper sprinkler spacing.

Uneven growth or brown patches in your lawn may be an indication of damaged or clogged heads, or improper installation or placement. It is important to check all these possibilities, and repair or correct any problem areas to maintain a healthy lawn. Often, poor coverage will not manifest itself until severe hot, dry weather conditions prevent your lawn from receiving supplemental water through rainfall.

Even if sprinklers appear to be spraying evenly over an area, there may be gaps in the coverage. When planning and installing sprinklers, it is important to lay out the heads with “head to head” coverage. This means that the spray from one sprinkler head should reach the next closest sprinkler heads, and vice versa.

Depending on water pressure, gallons per minute rating, location, sprinkler head type, propler sprinkler head spacing could very well mean the difference between healthy, plush, green lawns and brown patches of grass.

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