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Today we would like to discuss the climate effects on sprinkler irrigation as these hot and humid summer months bear down on us all across the country.

With increased humidity comes more precipitation which causes home sprinkler irrigation systems the need to be adjusted. Rain sensors can be used to make the proper adjustments, meaning the irrigation system will not run during times of rain, and alternately, will run more when precipitation is not present.

This time of year when the sun is very strong, proper hydration for the lawn and plants is really important. Not enough water can dry them out and too much water could cause problems too.

A top-notch sprinkler system controller allows the user to be able to make a watering schedule that keeps the plants and yard looking great, without wasting water.

A sprinkler system is usually comprised of properly functioning irrigation controllers, valves, pipes, backflow system, rotors, sprinkler heads and rain sensors. Summer is a great time to have all the components of your irrigation system inspected to assure they are running properly.

Our customers depend on our professionals at Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair and Irrigation to solve their sprinkler and irrigation problems. This time of year is exceptionally warm, and proper irrigation is important to keep your lawn healthy and green.

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