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We like to keep our online visitors informed about anything related to sprinkler irrigation and drainage, and today we would like to give you an introduction to types of area drains.

Area drains are a grate that connects directly to drainpipes and fittings. They are used to drain water from landscape areas, planter beds, patios and pool decks. Area drains are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, finishes and colors.

Some shapes that area drains come in include round, square, atrium, and even brass and chrome, depending upon your needs. Some options for landscape drainage include trench and channel drain, catch basins and grates, and pop-up emitters.

Trench and channel drain systems provide durable solutions for perimeter drainage in applications ranging from light foot traffic to heavy vehicular traffic.

Catch basins and grates collect surface water while minimizing the amount of debris entering the system. Available in a range of sizes from 6” round to 24” square, and with various grating options for commercial and residential systems.

Pop-Up Drainage Emitters are a safe and effective way to discharge water from a drainage system. Pop-up emitters act as the discharge point of a drainage system, opening easily when needed to allow water to flow freely from the pipe and away from structural foundations.

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