An irrigation controller in Lake Mary Florida was beyond repair, so we recommended a Rain Bird modular controller solution.

rain bird esp-me-digital modular controller

A power surge destroyed the original. The new Rain Bird ESP-Me digital modular controller shown provides great versatility.

The 4 zone base ESP-Me may be used for residential or commercial applications, and may be expanded to control up to 22 zones.

Depending on requirements, the zone expansion modules may be added in increments of 3 or 6 zones up to a maximum of 22 zones.

Imagine the ability to control between 1 and 22 irrigation zones with a total of 24 start times over 4 separate schedules.

The Rain Bird ESP-Me digital modular controller can operate both above ground or with submersible pumps with a 24 volt output.

Along with the controller, we paired a Rain Bird WR2 Wireless rain sensor to meet Florida law for automatic irrigation systems.

If your sprinkler system can be repaired, we will repair it. If not, we have a wide range of top brands for reliable solutions.