This Lake Mary, Florida, pool area sprinklers project was a sprinkler system rebuild for a homeowner installing a new swimming pool.

swimming pool area sprinklers project

The photo above shows the finished sprinkler system rebuild we started prior to pool excavation to protect the existing irrigation.

To prep we had to locate, cut and cap irrigation pipes, mainline and wire around the construction area to create a safe break area.

Otherwise, when the excavator bucket starts to dig it may grab irrigation pipes plus connections and pull them out of the ground.

After the swimming pool installation is complete we returned to rebuild the system to provide coverage around the swimming pool.

The system rebuild in the picture shown above was completed using Rain Bird 1806 sprays complete with Hunter MP rotator type nozzles.

These nozzles were selected because of the very steep gradient to the rear of the swimming pool and the very fine clay consistancy.

This type of clay does not absord water and has a very slow percolation rate. MP rotator type nozzles are ideal for this scenario.

Our plan included the final phase of the pool sprinkler system rebuild construction to consider factors of new landscaping needs.

As shown, the pool installation and sprinkler system rebuild are done. All that’s left is for their landscaper to finish the job.

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