To solve garage flooding this dual sump pump system installation was completed for a residential customer in Longwood FL 32779.

dual sump pump system installation

During heavy Florida rains the existing sump pump could not handle the downpour and flooding of the large garage paved parking area.

As a result, the water would rise and flood the interior of the homeowner’s garage. A second sump pump was the best solution.

We installed another sump pump with an independent discharge pipe to the street to operate alongside the existing sump pump.

Once the water level exceeded the capacity of the first pump the additional sump pump will pump the additional volume of water.

In addtion to the new pump and discharge pipe, we also increased the diameter of the pipes feeding water into the sump basins.

This enables water to enter the pump basins at an increased rate of flow. Finally, we added a 12 inch drainage collector basin.

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