sprinkler irrigation lawnWelcome to the Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair and Irrigation blog and website. We like to provide our online readers with helpful tips and advice concerning sprinkler irrigation and drainage. Today we would like to discuss some tips for watering wisely.

It is important that the lawn, plants and trees receive enough water, although too much water could cause issues also. The key is finding the balance between the two.

Try to avoid daily, light watering. Water in the early morning, about 4am to 10am. Morning watering allows grass blades to dry by afternoon, making them less susceptible to foliar diseases. Watering is more efficient in morning hours because of less evaporation and wind. Change the time that your system runs monthly, or at least seasonally.

To measure the amount of moisture penetration into the soil, use a screwdriver or soil probe. You can even use coffee or tuna cans to measure the amount of watter applied per 15 minute period.

Water to the bottom of the roots about a half inch deeper than the deepest roots to encourage downward growth. Roots are shallow in summer and deeper in spring or fall.

On days when temperatures are above 90°F, try run your sprinklers 5 to 10 minutes per zone in the afternoon to cool the turf and reduce stress to the lawn. This is called “spritzing,” and it reduces the symptoms of patchy lawns.

Put plants with similar watering needs together and create watering zones. Each zone of plants should be irrigated according to its needs.

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