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Sprinkler heads are probably the most exposed part of your irrigation system to damaging elements around the lawn. Sprinkler heads need special care and placement because replacing sprinkler heads takes a lot of digging work, so avoiding damage to them is really important. Review these tips concerning good ways to protect your sprinkler heads in your residential or business irrigation system.

Take steps to protect your sprinkler heads so that you can go for longer periods without having to replace one. Sprinkler heads should be buried properly to avoid damage from lawnmower blades. To lower sprinkler heads, we can dig around them, then dig under the pipeline a little so the heads sit deeper into the ground.

Alternately, sprinkler heads that are too low could present problems too. Chances of sprinkler heads becoming clogged by grass clippings, sand and dirt is much higher at ground level or lower.

There are devices that can actually protect the sprinkler heads from damage. One such item is known as a sprinkler head donut. This is usually a concrete donut that sits around the sprinkler head to prevent damage. Sprinkler head donuts are round objects with a hole in the center that can be found in other materials as well, including recycled rubber or mulch. These donuts prevent a mower or trimmer from running over the sprinkler heads as they’ll hit the side of the donut which sit just above the head, and make it less likely someone will roll over them.

Winterizing a sprinkler system can be key to avoiding cracks and breaks in the pipes and sprinkler heads. If the temperatures in your area dip below freezing, water trapped in the sprinkler heads can freeze, expand, and cause cracks and breaks, thus requiring the heads be replaced. Automatic drain valves go below sprinkler heads and in certain parts of the pipeline and allow water to drain back out of the system when it isn’t running. This prevents the system being full of water and breaking when it freezes, and are best added during installation.

Swing joints are fittings that allow sprinkler heads to move back and forth. Should the sprinkler heads be jostled by a vehicle, lawnmower or even stepped on, they can move out of the way, preventing damage. This also protects the pipe below the soil as well as the joints and sprinkler heads from cracks and breaks.

These are a few effective ways to protect sprinkler heads. Thank you again for visiting the Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair and Irrigation blog and website. If you have sprinkler issues here in the Orlando and Central Florida areas, contact us today at 407-302-2227 for an estimate! Bookmark us, refer us to friends and family and be sure to come back soon!