Irrigation System WinterizationThank you for visiting the Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair and Irrigation blog and website. Central Florida has a distinct and unique climate and weather and sometimes keeping the lawn and landscape presentable can be an arduous task. Review these lawn care and irrigation tips for this winter season here in Orlando and surrounding areas.

January is characterised by a contrast of warm days and chilly evenings. It may be one of the cooler months, but it still has an average daytime maximum temperature of about 71°F, while the average minimum temperature falls down to 47°F. Sunshine averages just under 220 hours in January, with the average amount of sunshine expected at 7 hours per day. There’s only a slight chance of rain with an average monthly precipitation of 57 mm, and it’s not too humid.

Orlando has fantastic all round weather but there are still some slight variations from month to month. During the winter, lawns can still make growth, so continue to water and mow as needed. Once-a-week watering is generally adequate for this time of the year, although the temperatures are not entirely predictable. Be sure to turn sprinklers off prior to freezing weather and perform annual maintenance on lawn care equipment.

Turn off automatic irrigation systems during freezing weather. January is a good time to begin yearly pruning of trees and shrubs. Make sure root balls are moist at planting time and add a berm to direct water through root balls. Keep actively-growing plants moist to remain green and attractive. Once-a-week watering or less is usually adequate for established deep-rooted plants. Keep existing plants a lot longer by giving them at least weekly care.

Winter through spring is our dry time, so renew your mulch to conserve moisture. Leaves that fall from the trees and shrubs can be used as mulch layers to conserve moisture as well. Winter is a good time to add hardy trees, shrubs and vines to the landscape. Feed winter vegetables and herbs every three to four weeks or use a slow-release fertilizer. Research which plants need winter protection and take action, although many actually benefit from the colder temperatures.

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