The project goal of a Longwood Florida homeowner was lake water irrigation savings after paying huge irrigation system water bills.

potable to lake water conversion system

Our solution was a centrifugal irrigation pump to pull water from the lake behind his house instead of paying monthly for city water.

After receiving a written proposal from Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair & Irrigation for the installation he gave us the go ahead.

The photo above shows the 2 horse power Sta-Rite centrifugal irrigation pump installed on 4 cinder blocks filled with concrete.

Two blocks are below grade to give the base good stability. A 4 inch thick concrete pad was then mounted onto the top of the blocks.

potable to lake water conversion float

The next step was a 2 inch diameter intake that goes out to the lake with the float, a built in stand, check valve and intake filter.

The discharge pipe fit into the existing irrigation mainline, and has a pressure relief valve, pressure gauge and inline Vu-flow filter.

The Vu-flow filter is a secondary filter with a finer mesh than the filter in the lake to trap any finer particles that might get past.

The extra lake intake filter provides another level of protection with the Vu-flow filter so the spray nozzles of the system don’t clog.

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