Rain Bird ESP with Rain Sensor

A Rain Bird ESP controller and a Rain Bird WR2 rain sensor

Thank you for stopping by the Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair and Irrigation blog and website. We like to offer our online readers news, tips and advice concerning sprinkler irrigation and drainage here in Orlando and the Central Florida area. Today we would like to provide some irrigation zone shut off troubleshooting pointers to keep in mind should issues arise.

Sometimes the irrigation system will be running and perhaps a zone just will not shut off. It is important to be equipped with troubleshooting techniques that could cause bigger problems in the future such as overwatering and flooding.

If a zone keeps running after it’s set to turn off, a component of the irrigation system is clearly not working properly. It could be as simple as a scheduling mistake with your sprinkler controller or perhaps as bothersome as a mechanical error that would require going in, performing a manual shut down, and locating the problem. Options include to either shut off the irrigation system using the controller or utilize the shut-off valve located at the source of water.

Locate the “off” switch of the irrigation controller. Different controllers may have this button under another name such as “Rain” or “Rain off”, meaning that in the event of rain, the irrigation system no longer needs to run. Activating the “off” switch is the most one can do to shut down the irrigation system with the controller. Actual unplugging of the irrigation controller wouldn’t do much more, but rather disrupt the normal programmed watering schedule.

Should the watering system continue to run after turning the controller dial off, a mechanical issue could be the problem, meaning your irrigation system needs to be turned off at the water source.

Use the shut-off valve at the water source to turn off the irrigation system. This turns off water to the sprinkler system but not to the rest of the home or facility. Backflow prevention devices could be the source of shut-off, usually in a green rectangle or oval box housing. The backflow prevention device is most likely positioned near the road within the property, near the water meter.

Read more about backflow in this blog post entitled Irrigation System Backflow Prevention Devices.

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