rainbird wireless rain sensor

Rainbird wireless rain sensor

Welcome back to the Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair and Irrigation blog and website! Today, we would like to give you the news, tips and advice concerning irrigation system rain sensor benefits.

Our professionals at Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair and Irrigation prefer to use the Rain Bird wireless sensor shut off device for most irrigation projects here in the Central Florida and Orlando area. These rain sensors that attach to your irrigation system can actually detect rain then turn your sprinklers off and on accordingly.

One advantage of an installed rain sensor is that it eliminates the need to constantly keep a watch on the weather to have to turn off your irrigation system when the rain comes. Rain sensors take the worry out of your irrigation system. If the homeowner should go out of town for extended lengths of time, there will be no need to worry about managing the irrigation sprinkler system.

Using irrigation system rain sensors can save the amount of water you use, when it isn’t necessary due to rainfall. This in turn can save you money on the water bill, make your life easier, and even increase your irrigation system’s lifespan.

Using rain sensors can actually prevent lawn and garden damage. Most plant roots cannot stand to be waterlogged, therefore unregulated sprinkler systems could actually lead to root rot.

Irrigation system rain sensors come in a few different varieties. One comes with a basin that fills and trips a switch when filled. Some rain sensors use electrodes that uses rain water to complete the circuit and therefore stop the watering cycle. A third type of rain sensor uses a hygroscopic disk that expands when it gets wet to trigger a switch.

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