broken irrigation pipe
Welcome to the Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair and Irrigation blog and website. We like to provide our online readers with news, tips and advice concerning sprinkler irrigation here in Orlando and Central Florida. Today we would like to introduce our website visitors with some actions to take for sprinkler irrigation leaks and wet areas here in Orlando and Central Florida.

Irrigation systems are designed to evenly apply water in a desired manner on a scheduled basis. Areas that are continuously wet or excessively wet after or between watering cycles should be addressed immediately.

Valves are like faucets which turn on and off, and can leak. This leakage could be caused by something in the mechanism or a worn out part that needs to be replaced. One visible symptom is water coming out of a sprinkler head after the irrigation system has shut off.

Sometimes low head drainage could occur and cause wet areas and flooding. This problem is caused by water siphoning out of the lowest head in a sprinkler zone after irrigation is completed. When the water flow to the zone has been shut off at the end of its cycle, the remaining water in the lines will drain downhill to the lowest point. When a sprinkler head is located in the lowest part of the system, water will flow out of that head until an equilibrium has been reached or all of the water has emptied out of the zone’s pipes.

Broken pipes can also be an issue to cause leaks and wet areas in the system. There are generally 2 types of pipe breaks in the irrigation line, main line break or lateral line break. The main line pipe leads from the backflow prevention device to the individual zone control valves, supplying the system with continuous water pressure. With a break in the main line, water will flow continuously regardless of shutting the irrigation system off or not. If you have a main leak, you will have to shut the water off immediately. Broken pipes in the later lines of your irrigation system can be hard to spot as the flooding will only happen when that certain zone is running. No matter how small or large the pipe break, a leak will eventually erode the soil and create a hole in the lawn.

Line breaks waste water and can cause damage by erosion or over-watering. Both Main Line and Lateral Line breaks should be repaired by an irrigation professional.

We hope you enjoyed this post about irrigation system action for leaks. If you are in the Central Florida or Orlando areas with irrigation issues, contact Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair and Irrigation today at 407-302-2227 or to discuss a potential irrigation project. Again, thank you for stopping by! Bookmark us and come back soon!