irrigation grassThank you for visiting the Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair and Irrigation blog and website. We like to provide our blog readers with news, tips and advice about sprinkler irrigation and drainage. Today we would like to cover a list of basic irrigation tips and water saving advice.

Your lawn and landscape can provide years of enjoyment with surprisingly little effort when cared for properly. The objective is to keep it green while saving some green and keeping it from turning brown. The key to this is an efficiently run sprinkler irrigation system.

Since a healthy lawn can increase your home’s value, proper watering is an important factor. An automatic irrigation system can keep your landscape looking lush on the least amount of water. Here’s a little tip: Divide the yard into separate irrigation zones to water the grass separately since different plants need different amounts of water.

Try to keep watering amounts balanced throughout the lawn. Use measuring cups in different areas around the lawn then run the irrigation system for an idea how much water your grass is getting and where. Generally, an underground watering system is one of the best methods for even coverage. With an underground sprinkler system, be sure the heads are adjusted properly to water only what grows.

Applying too much water at once actually wastes more water because it never gets absorbed. Split watering times into shorter sessions rather than one lone continuous session, allowing water to soak in and minimize runoff.

Water earlier in the day when the run is low, temperatures are cool and winds are calm. Watering at midday is less efficient because evaporation causes water loss.

It is a good idea to adjust your irrigation system as the seasons and weather change. Rain sensors allow your sprinkler irrigation system to be rain smart. This means that it will not run during the rain, and knows when it isn’t raining as well.

Water only what needs hydration. It is important to avoid watering sidewalks and driveways because that is just wasted water. Routine inspections make sure everything is working properly. Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair and Irrigation provides our Orlando area and surrounding communities with sprinkler irrigation maintenance services.

We hope you enjoyed and benefit from our irrigation and water swaving tips. Bookmark us for more news, tips and advice concerning sprinkler irrigation and drainge related issues here in Central Florida and Orlando. If you have drainage or sprinkler irrigation system issues and would like to schedule an appointment for an estimate, contact us at 407-302-2227 or email us today!