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Today we would like to offer our online readers with some water conservation tips for their sprinkler irrigation system.

Irrigation can be done either with a hose and sprinkler or using an inground irrigation system. When using a hose and sprinkler, place the sprinkler in the area that is driest. It is important to allow the sprinkler to run the proper length of time to apply no more than three-quarters of an inch of water. When that area is irrigated, move the sprinkler to another dry area. Place the hose-fed sprinkler so the water spray overlaps the area previously irrigated. Be sure to position the sprinkler so water lands on the lawn and shrubs, not on paved areas.

Inground irrigation systems can either be automatic or manual, or a combination of the two. An automatic system is set for a predetermined time of day and even specific days of the week. Make sure it is set to follow the watering restrictions.

Learn how to operate your system. Check timing devices regularly to make sure they are operating properly. Watch for broken or misdirected sprinklers. During extended periods of rainy weather, irrigation systems should be turned off.

Maintain your irrigation system. Watch for broken or misdirected sprinklers. Check for leaks and clogged spray heads. Soft, wet spots around the sprinkler could indicate a leak is being absorbed into the ground.

With Florida’s irrigation laws continually being updated, you should consult with Hessenauer Sprinkler and Repair to hire our certified professionals to design and install an irrigation system.

Florida law requires that all automatic irrigation systems installed after May 1991 have a functioning rain sensor shut-off switch. This switch overrides the automatic irrigation system’s cycle when a preset amount of rain has fallen. The rain sensor switch can be adjusted for different amounts of rainfall. The sensor should not be installed in an area that is blocked by roof overhangs, bushes or trees to assure proper functioning. Check regularly to make sure the irrigation system is working properly.

Try to familiarize yourself with your timer’s functions by using the instruction manual it came with. Often, controllers also have directions on the inside of the cover panel. The following describes the programming controls in the photograph, which represents a typical controller.

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