flooded lawnWelcome to the Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair and Irrigation blog and website. We like to offer our online readers news, tips and advice concerning sprinkler irrigation and drainage here in Orlando and the Central Florida area. Today we would like to offer our online website visitors to some tips for handling sprinkler irrigation issues.

Sometimes you may notice brown patches on your lawn or uneven plant growth due to problems with the irrigation system. Review these solutions to sprinkler issues that can be very common. Improper sprinkler head height is one of the most common problems that can lead to brown spots and poor growth. Sprinkler heads installed at incorrect heights could even lead to sprinkler system damage.

Sprinkler heads installed too low won’t be able to rise above the ground or turf level thus preventing water from spraying properly, and can often lead to coverage gaps and flooding around sprinkler heads.

Alternately, sprinkler heads placed too high are a tripping hazard, and a risk that could damage lawn mowers or other landscaping equipment. A funny pipe or swing joint could solve this problem with a little digging and repositioning. Note that also, over time, ground levels can raise or lower to cause issues with sprinkler head heights as well.

Clogged sprinkler nozzles can be caused by dirt or debris working its way into the sprinkler head, therefore causing the sprinkler to work improperly. Gaps in the spray pattern can lead to brown patches, so the solution to fixing this issue is locating the source of the problem.

Observe the sprinkler while running and detect whether plant growth is blocking water or if there is a problem in the sprinkler head itself. Never try to pry a nozzle with a screwdriver because both rotor and spray nozzles need to be removed carefully to avoid damage.

Improper sprinkler head spacing is a common problem that can cause brown patches in the lawn, flooding and uneven plant growth. When planning and installing sprinklers, it is important to lay out the heads with “head to head” coverage. Head to head coverage creates optimum watering overlap, and help compensate for spray pattern imperfections.

Handling sprinkler irrigation issues quickly is important to avoid bigger issues. Check for damaged or clogged sprinkler heads, improper installation or placement, and water-blocking shrubbery and plants to repair or correct any problem areas and maintain a healthy lawn.

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