Expertise in irrigation systems was used to solve a clogged french drain problem for a residential property in Sanford, Florida.

clogged sump pump discharge pipe

A sump pump was also part of the system as the french drain was installed close to this house which was lower than street level.

When designing a drainage system best practices allow gravity to drain water away from the property to the system discharge point.

The pipe shown in the picture is the discharge pipe from the sump pump, and the old french drain filter membrane had broken down.

That allowed dirt into the system that found its way into the pump and discharge pipe which eventually destroyed the pump.

The solution was to replace the french drain, the sump pump, and the discharge pipe with high quality parts to avoid clogging.

Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair & Irrigation uses NDS pre-constructed french drain parts and take extra quality precautions.

One example is wrapping the french drain with an additional membrane before installation to protect against future clogging.

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