Orlando Area Sprinkler and Irrigation Testimonials

View this selection of Orlando area customer sprinkler and irrigation testimonials describing their experience with our services:

Found leak in buried irrigation line which a previous “expert” was unable to find, and repaired the leak, after throughly explaining everything concerning the leak (origin, repair, etc.), then restored the excavated sod in meticulous fashion. Things could not have gone better. We were suffering from an extensive underground irrigation pipe leak which could not be detected two weeks before by an “expert” who had worked on our property before.

Sterling, our assigned technician, arrived this afternoon, on time, and was extremely courteous, personable and professional. Unbelievably (to us) after five minutes of background talk with us and another ten minutes of walking the yard, he found the leak, dug down to the pipe, repaired the break, and then meticulously restored the lawn. This man and his company are really outstanding.

We had problems with large patches of grass dying and needed our sprinkler system looked at. Ian renovated our entire sprinkler system by moving sprinklers, changing heads and adding additional sprinklers. They arrived as promised and completed the work in a day. We are now getting better coverage than we expected. We are expecting to be using less water now since the sprinklers are properly adjusted.

We had a large, chronically dry area in our front lawn, which other irrigation services had failed to fix. We called Hessenauer and Ian Laccohee came and took a look at the system and diagnosed the problem. He was very professional and took the time to be thorough. In the end, we decided on adding a complete new zone to the system, rebalance the existing zones, relocate multiple sprinkler heads, change the piping to a larger caliber to improve pressure. In addition, Ian installed pre-wiring so new zones could be added if we decided on new landscaping.

Ian spent several hours investigating the existing system and presented a clear plan of how he was going to approach the work. We were very satisfied with the work overall, which was done on time and exactly according to the estimate. Also, despite major work done with the piping in the front yard, you could hardly tell that any work had been done because they took such care not to damage the lawn. Excellent work, overall.

Our experience was beyond excellent. I cannot say enough about the quality and professional manner in which Ian provided the work on our irrigation system. His knowledge of the irrigation business is first rate as well. With his professional manner and level of knowledge, he gained our trust from the very start. Ian answered my first call to his business and came out the next day to conduct a thorough review of our property and the changes and/or adjustments that needed to be done to our existing sprinkler system.

He provided a detailed estimate of the work. He was able to schedule the work quickly too. He was supposed to arrive at 7:45 a.m., but he and his crew arrived at 7:30 a.m. and quickly got started. He adjusted, repaired, replaced, and installed new sprinklers in five zones and added a new area that wasn’t getting coverage. The yard was left in perfect condition where he had to dig to add new pipe and/or heads. When he was finished with the work, he walked us through the entire yard and showed us exactly what he had done(which was everything he had promised). Again, we couldn’t be happier with the entire experience. It was easy to work with Ian!

We certainly appreciate feedback from clients. Please call us at 407-302-2227 with any questions about our Orlando area irrigation and sprinkler repair services, or to share your experience. Browse our Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair & Irrigation Reviews too!

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