Lake and Well Centrifugal Pumps

Convert an irrigation system from a water meter to a centrifugal pump drawing water from either a shallow well or a lake. The volume of water supplied to your Orlando area home or business is the most important aspect of any irrigation system.

The majority of irrigation systems are generally supplied by either city or reclaimed water from a meter.

The photo below shows (left) a Rainbird ESP controller paired with a Hunter 2 horsepower pump start relay to control zone timings and pump operation, and (right) a Berkley 3 horsepower pump mounted lakeside with a Hunter 5 horsepower pump start relay.

irrigation controller and pump system

In most cases it is possible to convert a residential or commercial irrigation system from metered water to a shallow well and pump system. First sink a well point and connect the well point to a centrifugal pump to lift the water from the ground, and then pump it into the irrigation system.

The installation of this water source for your Orlando home or business must be seen as an investment. The initial installation costs are higher, yet the long term savings soon prove the pump and well to be very efficient and cost effective.

If you’re lucky enough to live on an Orlando lake you may be able to install a centrifugal pump subject to local code with an intake suction line and filter to draw water from the lake. As with the well set up, once connected, the ongoing costs are very low to run the pump.

Most irrigation sprinkler systems can currently support a conversion to a pump with either a well or a lake as the water source. Learn more. Call 407-302-2227 today for a prompt courteous reply to questions about Orlando area irrigation sprinkler systems.

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