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Our irrigation valve info page introduces technical aspects and best practices for commercial and residential irrigation valves.

electric irrigation valve conversion installation

Electric Irrigation Valve Conversion

Trust Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair & Irrigation to provide top quality hardware and installations by highly trained technicians.

The majority of commercial and residential irrigation systems in Orlando and Central Florida operate using electrically operated irrigation valves.

This type of valve is operated electrically via the irrigation controller through a series of wires that run between the controller and the irrigation valve solenoid.

Some old school irrigation system zones are operated via a unit known as an irrigation cyclermatic valve.

These systems can be converted to run on electrically operated irrigation valves. Next, let’s consider irrigation valve failures and quality solutions that we provide.

Irrigation Valve Failures

old school irrigation cyclermatic valve

Old School Irrigation Cyclermatic Valve

Various situations can cause these older technology cyclermatic irrigation valves to fail.

An irrigation valve may fail to open due to old age or debris stuck in the valve. They can also fail to close for the same reasons and will then run continuously.

Irrigation valves can also fail to open due to a non operating irrigation valve solenoid. The irrigation valve solenoid is operated electrically from the irrigation controller.

If there is a damaged wire between the irrigation controller and the irrigation valve solenoid the solenoid will not be able to open. It is also possible for the solenoid to short out, which also will not allow the valve to operate.

It is a relatively straight forward process to replace the whole irrigation valve or just the irrigation solenoid, providing that the location of the valve is known.

Tempo 521A Irrigation Valve Locator

tempo 521a irrigation valve locator

Tempo 521A Irrigation Valve Locator

Irrigation system valves, also known as sprinkler system valves, are normally installed in protective boxes below ground. When below ground it is very common that they cannot be located.

At Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair & Irrigation we use Tempo 521A valve and wire location equipment. By connecting the transmitter to the corresponding zone wire in the controller we are able to follow the signal along the zone wire using the hand held receiver.

All of our trained technicians are able to use this equipment to locate lost valves. Each vehicle is equipped with a Tempo 521A valve locator.

Residential or Commercial Solutions

irrigation valve system replacement rewired

Irrigation Valve System Replacement

If you have an irrigation valve that does not operate correctly in either your residential or commercial property in Orlando or Central Florida area please contact us today.

We use commercial grade components on all system repairs, such as Rainbird, Hunter, Irritrol and Berkeley that consistently provide years of reliable service and therefore return lower long term maintenance costs.

Contact our friendly staff today with any questions or to schedule an appointment. Call 407-302-2227 for a prompt courteous reply.

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