Irrigation for New Custom Build

This recent project involved irrigation system installation that required a permit for a new custom build in Winter Park, FL 32789.

irrigation for new custom build

The above photo shows the finished custom build irrigation system in operation once complete including the beautiful green lawn.

We obtained the permit from the City of Winter Park because we met the requirement of being a fully licensed and insured contractor.

Per city code, the system required a backflow assembly to prevent potable water from being contaminated by the irrigation system.

Another requirement was installation of a rain sensor so that the new irrigation system will not run following a period of rain.

Finally, our customer did not want rotor heads to cover the large turf areas, and requested that they be covered by sprays instead.

Do you need an irrigation expert who can take care of the permit, too? Call us today 407-302-2227 for a prompt response.

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New Home Irrigation Problem Solved

A new home irrigation problem solved recently required reconfiguration for a new property in Winter Springs, Florida zip 32808.

new home irrigation problem solved

The home was built and problems became apparent shortly after the irrigation system was installed and the landscaping completed.

The landscaping and turf had obvious problems with poor water coverage. The entire irrigation system needed to be reconfigured.

We created an additional zone to assist with coverage, and corrected the head coverage spacing for all of the sprays and rotors.

Do you need an expert to solve a similar irrigation system problem? Call us today 407-302-2227 for a prompt response.

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Residential Irrigation System Redesign

This residential irrigation system redesign was for a new home with poor coverage due to zones that had mixed sprays and rotors.

residential irrigation system redesign

The coverage of this home in Winter Springs, FL Zip 32708, was inadequate and left dryer areas in places. Others were saturated.

Sprays saturate more than rotors, so combining both in all 4 zones of this home meant the entire irrigation system needed redesign.

The picture shows the rear zone covering the main rear turf area. All rotors were properly spaced for head to head coverage with even water distribution.

Do you have a similar sprinkler coverage problem for us to solve? Call us today 407-302-2227 for a prompt response.

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Dual Sump Pump System Installation

To solve garage flooding this dual sump pump system installation was completed for a residential customer in Longwood FL 32779.

dual sump pump system installation

During heavy Florida rains the existing sump pump could not handle the downpour and flooding of the large garage paved parking area.

As a result, the water would rise and flood the interior of the homeowner’s garage. A second sump pump was the best solution.

We installed another sump pump with an independent discharge pipe to the street to operate alongside the existing sump pump.

Once the water level exceeded the capacity of the first pump the additional sump pump will pump the additional volume of water.

In addtion to the new pump and discharge pipe, we also increased the diameter of the pipes feeding water into the sump basins.

This enables water to enter the pump basins at an increased rate of flow. Finally, we added a 12 inch drainage collector basin.

Do you have a similar drainage flooding problem for us to solve? Call us today 407-302-2227 for a prompt response.

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Lake Water Irrigation Savings

The project goal of a Longwood Florida homeowner was lake water irrigation savings after paying huge irrigation system water bills.

potable to lake water conversion system

Our solution was a centrifugal irrigation pump to pull water from the lake behind his house instead of paying monthly for city water.

After receiving a written proposal from Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair & Irrigation for the installation he gave us the go ahead.

The photo above shows the 2 horse power Sta-Rite centrifugal irrigation pump installed on 4 cinder blocks filled with concrete.

Two blocks are below grade to give the base good stability. A 4 inch thick concrete pad was then mounted onto the top of the blocks.

potable to lake water conversion float

The next step was a 2 inch diameter intake that goes out to the lake with the float, a built in stand, check valve and intake filter.

The discharge pipe fit into the existing irrigation mainline, and has a pressure relief valve, pressure gauge and inline Vu-flow filter.

The Vu-flow filter is a secondary filter with a finer mesh than the filter in the lake to trap any finer particles that might get past.

The extra lake intake filter provides another level of protection with the Vu-flow filter so the spray nozzles of the system don’t clog.

Do you have access to lake water to help reduce your irrigation bill? Call us today 407-302-2227 for a prompt response.

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Residential Irrigation Valve Repair

A residential irrigation valve repair for a residential property owner in Maitland, Florida, turned into a 5 valve replacement project.

residential irrigation valve replacement project

All the valves were previously installed close coupled, so they were virtually touching each other. A mainline crack became a huge leak!

There was no pipe between the valves to cut for installing a replacement valve, so all 5 valves were replaced for a proper configuration.

Our irrigation design and installation included 5 Irritrol 24008 one inch valves, and then each was covered with a round protective box.

Trust Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair & Irrigation for high quality and professional workmanship. Call us today 407-302-2227 to discuss your projects.

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Shallow Well Irrigation System

A recent shallow well irrigation system was installed in Lake Mary, Florida, for a residential customer who did not want to use city water.

irrigation system installation phase one

Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair & Irrigation are well known and respected in Central Florida for irrigation system design and installation.

Our irrigation solution was a shallow well and a centrifugal pump installed to pull water from the well through an irrigation system.

The system was designed with 7 zones to provide head to head 100% coverage with even water distribution for a professional installation.

irrigation system installation completed

The second picture shown here displays the system installed and the yard completely cleaned up after the trenches had been backfilled.

Do you need a custom professional solution similar to this? Call us today 407-302-2227 for a prompt response.

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Serious Irrigation System Emergency

A recent example of a serious irrigation system emergency was an irrigation valve stuck wide open that we resolved for a customer.

irrigation valve buried under deck

Irrigation valves can fail either stuck closed so they do not operate, or fail in a fully open postion and a zone runs continuously.

The irrigation valves shown in our picture proved impossible for the homeowner to find at his home in Longwood, Florida, zip 32750.

He called us out of desperation as the only way to stop the wide open valve was to shut off the water at the potable water meter.

That meant shutting off water to his entire house. Unknown to the owner, the open valves were under a deck built by the prior owner.

Fortunately, Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair & Irrigation techs are experts in the field of underground irrigation valve location.

We connected our valve location equipment to field wiring of the relevant zone, and discovered the valves were under his wooden deck.

Our solution was to remove deck boards to access the problem, and then we were able to excavate and replace the defective valves.

Are you having problems with malfunctioning irrigation valves? Call us today 407-302-2227 for a prompt response.

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Irrigation System Checkup

An irrigation system checkup analyzed by a licensed irrigation contractor could resolve any concerns about the current coverage.

irrigation spray head installation

This picture shows an addition spray has been installed into a main lateral pipe of the zone using a slip fix type expanding coupler.

Our customer in Longwood, Florida, had problems with dry or dying patches of turf due to poorly installed or maintained irrigation.

The Rain Bird model 1806 6 inch spray mounted on flexible hose helped provide head to head coverage and uniform water distribution.

It is important that all heads are the same type, whether sprays or rotors, and the same brand for a matched precipitation rate.

For head to head coverage, heads should be placed the correct distance apart, plus install additional heads to increase coverage.

Have dry turf problems? Call us today 407-302-2227 to schedule a service call to assess adjustments or complete refurbishment.

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Lake Pump Intake Filter Project

A recent lake pump intake filter project for a customer in Winter Park, Florida, solved an irrigation system pressure problem.

clogged lake pump intake filter

This residential customer reported low operating pressure across all zones of their irrigation system that we quickly confirmed.

Water for the sprinkler system is provided by a Berkeley 1-1/2 horsepower irrigation sprinkler pump, pulling water from the lake behind their house.

We cleaned the 1 inch discharge filter on the irrigation pump mainline to the irrigation system. It was clogged, yet not enough to cause issues.

The entire system was rechecked and all zones were still low pressure. The next step was checking the actual intake filter in the lake.

Our photo shows the intake filter completely clogged and restricting flow into the pump, so it was cleaned with a plastic bristled brush.

Another system check confirmed everything operated as it should, showing good operating pressure at the irrigation heads across all zones.

It is important to maintain any irrigation system, especially when dealing with pumps that draw water from either a lake or a well.

Clogged intakes may cause the intake pipe to completely collapse by the vacuum created by the pump and have a devastating effect on pumps.

If unable to draw water due to clogged intakes, it might even destroy the pump by overheating the motor and burning out the bearings.

Do you have an irrigation pump drawing from a lake or a well that may require maintenance? Please contact us today at 407-302-2227.

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