Solving Water Accumulation Problems

sprinkler oversprayFor any irrigation sprinkler system that has been installed for your Orlando area home or business there should be a focus on the importance of minimal overspray. Overspray is the water from a sprinkler that lands outside the grassy area and forms nuisance water. With summer approaching quickly and unusually high Florida temperatures, now is the time to focus on preventing the irrigation system overspray problem.

Overspray can damage pavement, contribute to stormwater pollution and cause a variety of other problems. Constant running water is a common reason for these wet spots and really is a waste of a valuable resource. It is important to keep sprinkler heads far enough from the sidewalk, driveway and other pavement so it doesn’t collect and cause problems.

Nuisance water such as standing water, running water in gutters, and wet spots that never seem to dry are an eyesore, yet these are problems we can help solve. These issues can be eliminated or minimized by keeping your irrigation system maintained and adjusting sprinkler timers to follow proper watering schedules.

Poor landscape design can contribute to nuisance water, and is a sign that the water isn’t seeping into the soil. This could be a sign of a malfunctioning sprinkler, overwatering, broken waterlines, or improper landscape design. If these issues aren’t handled immediately, the pavement could become slippery with algae or eventually form potholes. Use our sprinkler and irrigation contact form to report or ask questions for your Orlando area home or business.

To solve your water accumulation problems, consider locating the runoff points of your irrigation system. You may need a professional to aid with accessing more difficult parts of your irrigation system underground. Hessenauer has over 30 years experience. We can help.

Inspect your irrigation system to ensure that it is operating properly, and contact us today for an estimate on residential or commercial irrigation or drainage projects you may be getting started for your Central Florida home or business!

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